In what kind of business sectors does Grupo Gigante operate?

Grupo Gigante operates within the following three sectors:

  • Retail Sector, which includes businesses such as: Office Depot, the leading specialized office supply, product and equipment chain store in Mexico. ODM operates Prisa in Chile since April 2015, leader in the distribution and marketing of office supplies and cleaning equipment, and Radio Shack since June of the same year, retailer of electronic equipment. The Home Store, specialized in selling home-fashion items, and PetCo, pet supply items retailer and specialized services.
  • Service Sector, Including: Restaurantes Toks, a successful chain of family restaurants located throughout Mexico, who also operates Beer Factory. Panda Express, restaurant chain of gourmet Chinese food with the highest growth in North America who arrived to Mexico in association with Grupo Gigante and now in 2019, Shake Shack, the New York´s Iconic Burger, Hot Dog and Frozen Custard. At 2020, we acquire the assets, brand and rights derived from the franchise contracts of the taquerías “El Farolito”.
  • Real Estate Sector, with Gigante Grupo Inmobiliario, a business focused upon the management and development of real estate projects.


Where are Grupo's offices located, and where are the offices of each one of the member companies of Grupo?

The offices of Grupo Gigante are located at Av. Ejército Nacional 769, Torre "B" Piso 12 Col. Granada, Del. Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México, C.P. 11520, as well as the offices of The Home Store and Gigante Grupo Inmobiliario.

For specific information regarding each business unit, please visit their individual websites as described in the next FAQ


Where can I go, or who can help me if I want to become a member of Grupo's team?

If you are interested in becoming a member of any one of the teams of the business groups of Grupo, please contact us using the addresses and telephone numbers provided under the websites of each one of our business units, as provided below:

What is your supplier philosophy?

We consider our suppliers to be our strategic partners. We understand perfectly that suppliers, both of products and services, are an essential part of our organization, and without these valuable partnerships, it would be impossible to offer the products and services desired by our customers.

How can I become a supplier?

Cada uno de los negocios del Grupo tiene procesos y procedimientos específicos para sus asociados comerciales (proveedores). Sugerimos contactar la sección correspondiente en cada una de las páginas de internet de dichos negocios para el registro apropiado.

Since when does Grupo trade on the Mexican Stock Exchange?

Grupo Gigante went public on the Mexican Stock Exchange in 1991.

What benefits and/or implications were obtained after Grupo Gigante went public?

The implications and/or benefits that arose from Grupo Gigante going public on the Mexican Stock Exchange were mainly the access to financing assets for the development of projects or for the improvement of its operations. By going public, Grupo Gigante was able to obtain resources through the stock market through the issuance of public instruments (shares, commercial paper) that were placed on the market at the disposal of the public or exchanged (purchased and sold) on the Mexican Stock Market.

In turn, since the company was registered on the Mexican Stock Market, it is obligated to comply with a series of requirements regarding legal, economic and financial information of the business, complying therefore with the Internal Regulations of the Mexican Stock Market by publishing its financial information quarterly.

Can I invest in the company? How?

Yes you can, through the purchase of shares in the stock market as long as there are shares available for investment purposes.

When were the supermarket stores sold to the Soriana?

The sale of the supermarket chain format was finalized in December 2007. Soriana formally initiated operations with these new stores on January 1, 2008.

What were the details of this transaction?

The main details of this transaction are as follows:

  • This sale was structured as a transfer of assets and rights, while Grupo Gigante maintained ownership over more than 100 real estate properties related to the supermarket stores.
  • The sale included the transfer of all the lease agreements related to the supermarket stores operating under the names of Gigante, Super Gigante, Bodega Gigante, and Gigante USA.
  • The sale also included a “non-compete” agreement in the sectors in which Grupo Gigante made the divestment, as well as in the sale of inventory, furniture and equipment related to the supermarket stores involved in the operation.
  • The most important characteristic of the transaction was that the employees of Grupo Gigante, approximately 25,000, were subject to an employment substitution agreement between the companies (including all employees at stores located within Mexican territory) without any change to their rights and obligations. In other words, each and every employee shall keep his or her job now with Soriana.
What are Grupo Gigante plans for the upcoming years?

Each one of the business units of Grupo has its own Business Plan where it defines, in detail, its specific growth and development plan. Generally speaking, Grupo Gigante has established the following criteria for the next few years:

  • Drive selective and moderate growth as well as consolidate its current business through the execution of the Business Plans mentioned, thereby seeking the greatest profitability possible.
  • Create additional value for the shareholders through the creation of new growth and development opportunities for new businesses and formats, markets and sectors in which Grupo participates, highlighting the defined criteria of selectivity, efficiency and profitability.
  • Generate growth and development opportunities for its personnel through the applicable improved Human Resources practices.
  • Maintain and consolidate its work as a socially responsible company through the programs that we have created and proving the appropriate funding through the know-how and resources of Fundación Gigante.
How does Grupo help those that need the help most? Does Grupo have any Social Responsibility campaigns?

One of the ways Grupo complies with its defined Social Responsibility objectives is through Fundación Gigante, a non-profit organization of Grupo that is able to reach the different sectors of society actively, carrying out humanitarian, educational, health and support activities for the benefit of those that need those most.

However, each one of the different business entities has developed, independently, specific programs, such as Toks, through its integral social responsibility model (link).

What is Grupo Gigante's philosophy and what are its values?

Consult the section "Values", in Corporate Profile

Who is on your Board of Directors?

The detailed information regarding the members of the Board of Directors (name and role of each member) can be found in the Annual Inform.