Ethics and Corporate Integrity

In order to promote a corporate culture in compliance with laws and honesty, Grupo Gigante is ruled under clear values and principles that guides our behavior.

We have a Code of Ethics which establishes a framework supported in the company mission, vision and values that represent our way o being and doing businesses, the perspective about our future and the conduct and the behavior standards that inspire us. This Code of Conduct describes our commitment about business ethics, social responsibility and the acting principles that our employees has to comply every day.

Code of Ethics

Furthermore, Grupo Gigante has established policies and standards about integrity and corporate ethics rejecting any way or behavior that may imply corruption to promote actions to guaranty a strict compliance with Mexican laws as well as any other country law or initiative against corruption or fraud practices.

With our Anticorruption Corporate Policy, we strengthen the transparency, accountability and rejection of corruption acts, those are fundamental actions in our institutional decision making process. The above encourages us to in a permanent way to renew and implement control activities to fight corruption practices and promote our ethics principles.

Política General

Política Anticorrupción


Grupo Gigante whistleblower program is a mechanism used to report any situation or conduct against our policies, procedures or the Code of Ethics that may affect in a negative way the work environment or represent a risk to our employees or our stockholders equity. In order to guaranty the transparency, our employees trust and anonymity of the whistleblowers this program is managed by an independent third party.

If any act against our Code of Ethics, the social responsibility and anticorruption policies or the corporate policies and procedures is detected, you must report it thru any of the following ways:

• Telephone number:
01 800 0621 376 (GG)
01 800 0621 204 (Office Depot)
01 800 0621 377 (Toks)

• Email:

• Web page:

Whistleblower Program